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Saturday 14 May 2011

Day 5 - Yakima Lower Valley

Todays mileage: 40
Total Mileage: 279
End Point: Sunnyside, WA

I stayed in a motel 6 last night in Yakima, not the greatest location, but it worked ok. I was a bit suspicious when I got chatted to some locals who told me the town nickname was 'crack'ima, so I decided an early night was in order! To feel refreshed after my epic trip across white pass..

Leaving yakima I decided to try and use google maps bicycle again and for once hit jack pot as it took me on a cycle route next to the river which avoided the whole of the city and ran next to the river. Lots of joggers and a couple of ladies who appeared to be doing 'heads, shoulders, knees and toes'..

I carried on passed Yakima and entered some beautiful countryside. This area has lots of orchards and vinyards with gentle rolling hills - it nearly reminded me of Italy! The temperature was in the mid 20s and the back roads I took were pretty empty from cars, but still wide - perfect riding weather. I only did 40 today to save myself for the push to oregon..

I got to an rv / campsite for $12 a night and pitched up.. there is only one other tent in the place. Deceided to head into town and get a beer and some dinner.

I went to a local bar called blue moon which was on google maps. (I'm starting to trust google again but they still seem to think a big pile of mud is an acceptable cycle route!!)

In the bar. I got chatting to J and Steve the bartender. Walking into town I noticed lots of spanish signs but it turns out that the entire town is mexican and english is really a second language. Crazy. The other more concerning thing they told me was that there were lots of gangs and I really shouldn't be walking around. In fact someone had been shot in front of the bar just a week ago!! What!! So after a couple of games of pool with j , he agreed to give me a lift home so I could avoid the gang violence, on the promise of a tour of england should he visit! Apparently it generally isn't safe for white people... especially after dark..

Got back to the campsite, and now its driving rain and thunder, the complete opposite of this morning. I'm going to see how the morning looks before deciding whether to ride. If its raining then I'm definately going to take a day off! I'm also now doing my first load of laundry (just for you pammy sue!) Although I had to get this kind guy called andy to help me get some quarters from the car wash. He is training to become a john deere mechanic for two years here (vince - I mentioned my limited JD experience..!)

So finger crossed for sun tomorrow.. oh and today I saw a dead snake! No other animals exciting to report all pretty calm! Beautiful here apart from the hispanic gangs. Happy to be in my sodden tent!

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