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Monday 23 May 2011

Day 13 - Relaxing in Boise + Equipment

So I have been having a nice rest in Boise and just noticed I'm actually a day ahead of schedule, good work from me. I've planned quite low mileage across idaho but given how scattered campsites are in this state I may have to do longer mileages and then take some more rest days. Given the rockies are coming up though I'll need to be quite strategic with my crossing points. I don't want to have another cascades calamity.

Now since Sunnyside I have been a bit cautious about my safety. Everyone said Boise was extremely safe and chilled city - I have to agree and the downtown area is really well kept. However last night it wasn't quite the case. I had a few beers and shot a little pool. When I left the bar an army of police were marching down the road. Apparently a fight had broken out, more people had joined in and the police were out numbered. At this point some bottles or something got thrown and within about 10 minutes a full on riot had broken out!! The police had to call in the state and a neighbouring police force to control the situation. Once this happened they put the whole of downtown on lockdown. You'll be happy to know I was quite far from the trouble and only a block away from my hotel. My legs didn't let me go too far!

So I think we can conclude that firstly I won't be doing a case study for the american tourist board and secondly the UK doesn't have a monopoly on drunken stupidity..

Anyway this is supposed to be a rest day and I promised to do an inventory list of what I am carrying around - so here we go!

Jamis Bosanova 2011
Brooks b17 aged saddle
Cateye bicycle computer (thanks carol and vince)
Shimano A150 SPD pedals
Two steel bottle cages
Rixen Kaul Handlebar bag
Rear rack
2 * Ortlieb rear roller panniers
2 * bungee cords, 2 * straps
Handlebar mirror
Rear flashing blinkey & front cateye light

Spare rear light
Wet lubricant
Specialized micro pump
Tube Repair kit (c. 1990s!)
2* spare tubes
2 * CO2 canisters
Multitol with chain breaker
3 steel tyre levers
Spanner - pedal sized
Spoke tuner
Onguard mini D-lock
Kryptonite cable (about 6ft)

Bear spray
Diving knife
Inflatible bed (easily my best purchase - its an alpkit numo)
North Face Draco tent (thanks to Jen Meehan)
Flannel Pillow
Travel towel (weird feeling but very effective)
Tranigia mini stove
Methylated spirit in steel bottle
2* Sporks
Metal bowl (this is my most useless purchase to date, it remains unused!!)
Vango sleeping bag - Venom 300
First aid kit (loads of pills and potions in here , ibuprofen gel most used so far!)
Suncream - factor 30

2 * tshirts
3 * cycling tops
2 * cycling shorts
cycling tights
long sleeved under vest
Pair of jeans
Swim shorts
3 * pairs cycling socks
3 * pairs normal socks
3 * pants (underwear)
Berghaus fleece
Trek Cycling coat
Trainers (tennis shoes)
Shimano cycling shoes
Specialized helmet
Sunglasses (now on third pair!)

Dell streak phone
3 * battery chargers
6 * phone batteries
UK US converter
I-connex mini keyboard

Passport / wallet / documents
Pens and paper
Lots of plastic bags
Sellotape :)
Book - catcher in the rye
Various maps

Electric toothbrush + charger
Mini deodorant (recently purchased)
Shower gel

I have no doubt this is not my complete list as I'm sure there are things which have escaped my mind. But it gives you an idea of all the crap I'm lugging around.


  1. that's a lot of stuff!! hopefully you won't need to use the bear spray or knife. shout out to me for the keyboard. :) happy you weren't near the crazy riot. have a good ride out of boise today!! xxx

  2. It's OK Pam; it's only the UK where Brian is banned from carrying a knife ;)

  3. Thanks for the shout out Brian!! :) I'm glad you are enjoying and getting use out of the tent.