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Wednesday 11 May 2011

Day 1 - Leaving Seattle

Todays mileage: 39 Miles
Total Mileage: 39 Miles
End point: Ravensdale, WA
So my first proper entry, the first 48 hours seem like an epic blur! Firstly I need tothank Steve and Kristen for putting me up in Seattle and helpingg me prepare for the ride. They have the cutest house and family overlooking the pacific, being just a mile from the bike shop was perfect :) the toasted panini for breakfast was great!
The day started off with lots of logistics. I had to go to the camping store to get bear spray and fuel for my stove then off to att to sort my phone out. Then to the bike store to get fitted for the bike and supermarket to get a couple of days food. Another thankyou to bike sport for sorting everything out.
After all this faffing I didn't manage to leave until after 1pm, much later than my normal days I'm hoping. The one thing you need to know is that my bike is incredibly heavy, like it weighs a tonnes. I soon learned standing up makes you sway violently, going downhill is dangerous and going up steep hills is very very hard.
Unfortunately this is not the bad news - very sad news is that brian the dog is lost. I think he jumped off.. made even worse as ni think he lept off after some little schookid yelled 'go brian go'. I may have to get a replacement. Other bad news is that my handlebar bag doesn't fit at all.. there are other complaints including my legs but I won't go on,,,
I weaved (ut of seattle which took quite a lot of time, due to the geography is was a bit of a maze, but I finally pushed throuhg and am now clear of the city. An impending mountain range waits ahead. I've camped in Ravensdale, I was really worried about were I was going to stay but I got chatting to the local post woman (note the mick connection) and she offered her lawn but warned me about elk!
I haven't talked about my flight over at all, hence to say I'm here and met some cool people.  On the way over. An architect from arkansas and a college student from rhode island who I manage to hand the book I had just finished over too.. I'll need to lose more weight than that soon.
I'm afraid that's it for tonight. Its late, and over the following days I hope to arrive and camp earlier giving me more time before passing out. Thanks for all the comments and sponsorship.
I don't know if I will data coverage tomorrow so the next post might not be tomorrow even if I write it then... onwards to the mountains!


  1. Great first entry! Love the pictures from Seattle, especially the one of you with your bike. So nice of the postal worker to let you use her lawn. Good luck in those mountains!!! xxxxxx

  2. I told you you'd need that bear spray!

  3. Great start . . . seems like you are on schedule . . . we'll start making definitive plans for Arkansas!

  4. hi bri!

    love yoU! love hearing the details! great job and good luck with the rest! you can DO IT!

  5. Good to hear you made it all the way to the west coast- doesn't flying seem a good alternative to cycling for transcontinental travel?

    Take care of yourself and keep us updated.

  6. Is there elk spray?

    Good luck!

  7. Thanks for the post! Thinking of you, Brian! Looking forward to hearing how things go.

    When in doubt, definitely use the bear spray. Good luck/hope the mountain climb goes/went well!

    Sounds like you will sleep well!

  8. Good luck Brian! Kris and I were very pleased to be a tiny part of your very grand adventure. Have fun and be safe.