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Saturday 21 May 2011

Day 12 - Into Idaho

Todays mileage: 88
Total mileage: 645
End point: Boise, ID

Farewell Bend was a great little campsite with spectacular views across the river and only cost me $5 as I didn't have a car. Camping next to me for the night (big shout out!) were Scout troop 421 from Ontario, Oregon - Leaders (Greg and James), Scouts (Stephen, Hunter, Nephi and Carson). I have to say a big thankyou because not only did they cook me dinner but they also provided me with maps of Idaho and Wyoming. Dinner was followed by a game of two touch american football. Play of the day award goes to Carson who running at full pelt trying to catch for a touchdown collided with a massive truck. Can't fault his commitment - but afraid to say it was incomplete!

I woke up pretty early with the intention of doing some major miles. Ofcourse another flat tyre - but really it was probably just my repair job on old inner tube. Anyway with my new Bontrager tube and CO2 I had the thing changed in a few minutes and it held out all day. About half a mile down from the campground I entered mountain time - I would woop at this but it meant I lost an hours riding time! Some of the eastern counties of oregon follow mountain time. I had about 3miles of interstate before I could follow a state highway for 20 miles to Payette where I would cross into Idaho.

Crossing the bridge I met a cycling couple (Bob and Betty Jane) who took my photo for me. They will be doing a touring ride across Oregon once their son is married this summer.

One very cool thing about Idaho is that it is the only state in the whole of the US where bicycles do not have to stop at stop signs, they only have to yield - it was nice to do legally what I normally do illegally! I refueled in Payette as the road onwards was going to be pretty empty of shops.

I got to Emmett knowing I was well over halfway to Boise, and decided to do a little walgreens stopped. I rewarded myself with a cheap clean tshirt, and as people have been so worried about my hygeine some new tioletries - including luxury of luxeries - a small can of deodorant! I need to hide my smells!!

The ride so far had been quite flat as I had been following some foothills at an even level. I now had to break over them to make it to Boise. This involved climbing 'Freezeout Hill' which is probably the most dangerous road I have ridden on. Idaho has speed limits of 65 on a two way road with a narrow shoulder. I was pretty glad to make it over. Getting over the hill I cycled parallel to a drag race! Which went off as I was going past, the winner did a 1/4 mile in 10.2 seconds - anybody know if this is fast?!?

Just after this I had the first leg of my escort into Boise. Michael and Julie out for an afternoon ride (shout out for Oregon State) got me off the crazy road and onto some quieter back streets. I managed to do some draughting and had a great chat with them. Michael took me as far as the cemetary (a cut through apparently) where another kind cyclist took over. Dr.Dave works in ER, rides a recumbant bicycle and might be doing some volunteer work as a doctor in Botswana (very appropriate given my charity). He was telling me is recumbent was super quick and that he could easily average 30mph, no one could keep up and that it was about 10 times more comfortable. I certainly want to try one out when I get back home.

Dave left me a couple of miles from downtown. As I headed down the boulevard towards downtown I saw flashing lights ahead and thought it was going to be a road closure or something else unhelpful. To my joy however it was a police motorcycle at the back of an army of cyclists. Hundreds of them wearing silly costumes, crazy bikes, everyone having a good time. It was a great feeling to ride among them and a fitting end to my most epic day of riding! Thanks to everyone who helped me out!

I'm taking a rest day tomorrow and I thought cheekily that might include the blog! What!! I have been meaning to do is do a full equipment inventory - just in case someone is thinking of doing something similar. So I'll do that tomorrow as it won't require too many of my creative juices!

P.s. all body parts seems to be functioning fine, and the miles are getting a bit easier. Groins are a little sore, nothing major but bum and stomach are now operating at 100% :)


  1. Noooo! I need my daily blog update of life on the cycle route. Please record more than your inventory........ :-)

  2. you forgot to mention you spoke to me...surely a highlight of your day!

  3. 10.2 sec qtr..... depends on whats racing ;)

    If its road legal that is officially FAST.

    A UK hot hatch should do it in 15 secs.

    Sounds like you're having an amazing run! :)