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Tuesday 12 July 2011

Day 64 - Hot and Spicy Mustard

Back in the late 1990s and early naughties for my friends and I, the only way to listen to music was on minidisc. Digital, compact, easy to use and re-writeable it was the answer to our problems in the pre-mp3 player days. The discs were about 3 inches square and could be bought for peanuts. I read the wikipedia article on minidiscs and from its comments regarding success of the format I can tell it was written outside of the UK. I have kept all my minidiscs in the garage, and somewhere in there is a purple minidisc Alan gave me. Now Alan has some interesting and eclectic music tastes, but one song in particular on this disc resonates with me. I had actually had to look up who it was by and it turns out its Wilco - Monday. One of the lyrics I remembered was: "He must be down in Pensacola hiding from the snow"... So that's why I am in Pensacola, and hence the title of yesterdays blog.

Last night I walked to downtown which was just a few blocks away. I did enroute manage to get propositioned a couple of gay guys who wanted to know if I wanted to come and have fun with them in their car. I politely declined this opportunity! Pensacola is a bit of a party town for the gay community - I'm guessing they have fled from other less accepting areas of the deep south. The downtown area was very pretty with historical buildings, but being a Monday night it was pretty quiet. I'll be cycling through tomorrow and will grab some photos then.

Today my only mission was to get my bike fixed. I went to cycle sports at lunch, they are a real great bunch of guys in there. I was treated to a free lunch whilst I was in there with prawns (shrimp), potato and corn on the cob accompanied by hot and spicy mustard sauce which is a great condiment. Now that's what I call service. It turns out Tom who was behind the counter had not only completed the trans-america ride, but he had also cycled all over Europe many years ago too. They also gave me a map to help me plot my next moves across Florida. The bike came out after an hour or so and I am happy to announce I am rolling around and back to normal. I've got the same hub and disc as before. The rim isn't quite as good as my DT that I had but it is double walled so is pretty tough.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow as I'm going to see this beach which everyone is ranting on about - apparently the best beach in the US. I'll be judging it by Barbados standards, which are pretty high ;) I've also had a nice suprise; Rick Mick's girlfriend's (Allie) family are staying in a beach house 50 miles down the road were I will be staying tomorrow night. I'm planning to make an early start so I can get some beach time in the afternoon and avoid some of the scorching heat hitting the southern US.

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