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Friday 1 July 2011

Day 53 - Muskets at Midday

Pamtastic is never going to beat me in the Windsor Half Marathon.


All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


You might wonder why I'm starting with that comment in the blog today.  Brian told me I wasn't allowed to embarrass him with stories from the past.  I figure with that kind of disclaimer I can pretty much say what I want.  However, just to make sure, I'm going to talk about a fictional character called Junior who is currently cycling across America.


Before I start I should probably point out that I haven't gone crazy and I'm not referring to myself in the third person. This is in fact the first of a series of guest blog entries and for the next few paragraphs you'll be reading (if you care to continue) the ramblings of Tim Palmer.  For those that don't know me I am a friend of Junior's from school.  I've been hosting him during his rest day today.  You might be interested in today's activities.  Unfortunately, there are more important things to discuss first.


25th May 2005. 


For the uninformed, this was the historic day that Liverpool lifted the highest honour in club football for the 5th time.  Such an outcome was more than a little upsetting for a lifelong Everton fan such as Junior.  Unfortunately for him he had agreed to come with me and 2 American friends on a road trip to Ireland.  As a Liverpool fan, I put 2+2 together and worked out we had time to visit Liverpool for the victory parade before we took the ferry to Dublin.  As we entered the city late in the evening, we joined the road that the parade had gone down.  Imagine the spectacle: the crowds, the bus, the cup, the atmosphere.  Instead, all we could see was the empty beers cans and rubbish that lined the street.  There had been a really good party here.  Disappointed, but nearing the end of our journey we proceeded in the mighty Fiat Punto HGT to the hotel.  As we approached the centre the crowd started to build but focusing on finding the hotel we continued.  To cut a long story short we ended up driving the car a few hundred yards in front of the victory bus.  We were forced to abandon the car in the sea of people as the line of police vehicles and buses went past.  We had hit the parade at exactly the right time.  Imagine............Junior, amongst a sea of red.....glorious.


I digress.


As you've probably worked out I'm not a creative writer.  As an Engineer, I like to communicate in bullet points and number lists.  I'm sure my colleagues appreciate the brevity and focus of my emails so I'll try this on you too.


Things we did today:


1.       Woke Junior up at 11am – still a lazy SOB but at least he has an excuse now.

2.       Went to the Little Rock Racquet club with Sarah and John.

3.       Witnessed the existence of Junior's wallet AND saw it open and used as he paid for refreshments.

4.       Played tennis against Junior in the midday sun.  The result was 6-3.  I don't need to tell you who won J.

5.       Attempted backflips off a diving board.  Junior is better at this than me.  Ouch.

6.       Visited my cousin's store. for those who are interested.

7.       Stuffed our faces with DIY ice-cream – genius.

8.       Went to Best Buy.

9.       Ate a lovely lasagne dinner at Kim & John's.  Thanks Kim.

In all seriousness, massive respect to Junior.  Not because he's cycling across America (any mug can do that) but for trusting me to write this blog.  I'll trust the Best Men at Junior's Wedding to do the proper story telling.



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