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Sunday 3 July 2011

Day 55 - Subway is Somewhere

This weekend has been great, having 1 rest day a week is all very well but eventually it all catches up on you so you need a proper break. I wanted to thank Tim and Sarah for guest writing the last two days (I think you get 1% each from any book royalties - if your post makes the final cut ;) I also want to thank the Gillums for the incredible kindness in giving me a place to stay and generally looking after me this weekend.
Today we went on a proper family outing to the Buffalo River. Two cars, one with the main family in, and one with Jim, me, Tim and Sarah. We wre given the fairly simple task of ordering Subway sandwiches for everyone. Tim however managed to order sandwiches at a subway 200 miles away in south Arkansas! After a protracted argument with subway they refused to give him a refund. In his defence it seems to be a fault of the locating software on the subway website, and this is probably a battle he will have to take up with head office. Given the fact subway is franchised i can understand the individual stores position.
The river was gorgeous, large pebble area to park and sit out on, but with the temperature hitting 100f the main attraction was getting in the water. Frisbees and footballs were thrown, water guns were fired, but the main attraction was a cliff slightly upstream where lots of people were leaping off into the water below. The cliff was shaped so that it was quite possible to leap off from a variety of heights. Tim managed to get some good video of us leaping off with his new gopro camera, hopefully I'll manage to put some links up. Shout out to Jim and John G who headed to the highest point for their jumps. My feet had touched the bottom on my jump so i didn't go any higher ;) We saw quite of lot of 'red necks' at the river. Some great red skin combined with southern drawl, but everyone was friendly. Quite a few people were canoeing but even that looked too hot.
We got back to Little Rock early evening and Jim helped me give my bike a really good clean. The amount of muck, dirt and grime which came off it was crazy. The chain is now shiny as are the cogs and i am ready to get riding again. Tomorrow morning there is bike racing which i will probably attend before heading onto pine bluff. Afraid I'm not racing, mine is a longer challenge! I'm dropping more weight here for the final 2 week push to reach Jacksonville Beach and Pam!

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  1. That cliff looked scary! Well done on the handstands...didn't realize I was marrying a synchronized swimmer. So happy that the Gillums took great care of you and showed you a fun time in Little Rock!