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Wednesday 15 June 2011

Email to Governor Heineman of Nebraska

* I have actually sent this email to him - I'll let you know if I get any response! Oh yes and I am sure there are typos and spelling mistakes - please don't tell me about them.

Dear Governor Heineman,

I am currently cycling across American and am enjoying completing my 5th state, which happens to be Nebraska.

Let me say the people of Nebraska have been friendly, polite and kind. The drivers have been extremely courteous allowing me plenty of space and I have enjoyed some great sights including Chimney Rock, and today I visited the Pony Express.

Unfortunately I have a complaint. The shoulders of your state roads are wide and the pavement smooth, yet every 20 feet or so on numerous long stretches there are small 2 or 3 inch gaps. This has turned what should have been a beautiful ride in the plains into a bone breaking marathon. My bum and cycle wheels may not forgive your transportation department. In addition I have yet to see one 'share the road' sign or any cycle lanes which are present in the other states.

My question for you is does Nebraska have a state strategy for developing cycling and does it address any of the issues above?

Investment in cycling as I am sure you are aware encourages tourism, reduces the environmental footprint and improves the health of your residents. I very much hope the any cycling expenditure has not been the victim of budget cuts.

Kind Regards Brian

P.s. the road from Gothenberg to Lexington is a great example of the shoulder gaps  mentioned above.


  1. But.... you should have ridden to his office and told him in person! Do you realise the environmental footprint for sending that email? All those routers, switches, servers and carriers those bits had to travel though ;)

  2. Should it not be "fanny" rather than "bum" when you write to an American? He might think you've captured a hobo and that you are riding him across the prairies