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Tuesday 28 June 2011

Day 50 - Wine in Paris

Todays mileage: 56
Total mileage: 2,488
End point: Cove Lake Campground, AR
Last night I got slightly engrossed in the weather channel, its the default channel in many of the hotel rooms here and I have to say its content is slightly hypnotic. If you want to fast forward through life this could be the answer for you. The only reason I watched so much was because they were going to have an article on ski resorts which were still open, but after floods in north dakota, wild fires in new mexico and storms in pennsylvania I never actually made it to skiing.
Before I forget, I want to hand out worst signage of the year award to Cedarville, AR. You will remember me talking of 'mileage slipping' a few posts ago, well I was cycling into Cedarville on the way to Van Buren yesterday and at the entrance VB was posted as 10 miles, once I had cycled through the town it was then posted as 11 miles - come on that is really taking the piss...
I had planned to leave late this morning because the weather forecast had predicted AM thunderstorms but as I was leaving around 11.30am the storm still hadn't hit. From the interstate down into Van Buren downtown was an epic hill and I managed to do my first speeding - 35mph in a 30mph, fortunately there were no speed cameras in bright yellow boxes ;) Also I was happy to see trucks were banned. The first few drops of rain hit me but I decided to push on. Before leaving the city I saw an awesome truck, the advertising on the side rotated to different adverts as seen in major sports stadiums - i'd have grapped a photo but it was at a busy intersection.
Leaving Van Buren I headed towards the Arkansas river and passed a massive car scrapping place with cars crushed into small cubes. This guy could be in business with all that car hoarding going on out there. The Arkansas River once I reached it, had turned into an epic river not far off a mile across, this was a different beast from how it had been in Kansas. The Arkansas river is up there with the North Platte River as the one I have seen an crossed and followed most on my journey. (Sorry about the weird blue tinge to the photo not sure what is going on here!)
On the other side of the river the rain stopped, but the wind which had been predicted as a strong westerly was coming in completely the opposite direction, not impresed. I headed due east on a highway being rebuild under ARRA (stimulus funds) which was perfect, wide and smooth. This only lasted so far before I hit roadworks, but I was able to cycle through the construction without causing any problems.
My aim today was to reach Paris and have some dinner and then head up to Cove Lake Campground. Just before reaching Paris I reached a vineyard on the side of the road, not miles down a back road and decided this was my chance to stop. Bob, the owner was great. He was telling me a few little stories from his trip to England a few years back. I tasted a red, a white, a cranberry wine and some port. I felt pretty guilty at not being able to buy any and asked if it could be shipped - he told me much to his annoyance it was forbidden to ship it out of the state, more crazy alcohol laws. I understand not wanting to import it, but not wanting to export it?? The vineyard shuld you ever be in this neck of woods is called Cowie:
I am now in Paris and am proud to say I have now cycled in Paris, France and Paris, Arkansas, I have to say I have had less issues here than in France. Pam and I rented the velos there, and I was cut off by a mad driver. I gave him the finger, and he lept out and shouted 'F*** your mother' - I was in shock at this for two reasons.
1. he said it english and I had not said a word
2. He was about 70!
We also got snowed on as well and had to take the tube back to our hotel.
I've just finished a monster steak with beans and potato salad and must now get back on the bike. I'm headed up a bit oof hill.. I was going to go to Magazine Mountain, the highest point in AR but I am going to stop a little bit short at Cove Lake Campground. I've got 10 miles to go so I will bid your farewell before the sunsets!

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  1. This was an early post! I'm happy you got to visit a winery like you wanted. Watch yourself on your little joke in the 3rd paragraph, Peers. :)