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Sunday 5 June 2011

Day 27 - Casper Quiz

After writing yesterdays blog I headed over to Lisa and Verdell's trailer to say thankyou for the wine and ribs. They invited me inside - very luxurious! This trailer it turned out costs $120,000 brand new, but they had picked it up for $70k a year old. Its quite slick as various sections expand outwards when parked and it felt quite homely. They use to own a house but cashed in on the Wyoming property boom and put their money into their retirement fund.

We got chatting and it turns out we had been to some of the same places: St.Louis (pam and I visited for a weekend) and also lynchburg where they make jack daniels. Verdell's real passion is hunting. Lots of photos of elk, antelope, deer... He is particularly happy that he just got a moose ticket. The right to hunt is lotteried off to protect animal numbers, and he got lucky! His prize posession was still to come. From under a protective cloth came a large picture of a bear he had killed in Canada. Below the picture was a badge of the trip, the bullet and some weird metal object in the middle. Now hold on to your chairs here, because I almost spat red wine all over their red carpet. The metal object in the middle is the bear's penis dipped in silver!!!! I am not kidding! Now I'm no expert on animal reproduction but I would have thought a bear penis would have been bigger than that!

I've done some shopping today, but its my rest day so its over to you. There are 5 photos above which are part of the quiz, after the trailer and bear penis. Marks will be awarded for either factually correct answers or comedy answers. Alan, my best man, with his huge brain will be the judge. Good answers may receive prizes from the trip, but no promises! Leave your answers in the comments at the bottom of this page.

1. What is the flag flying in Moneta?
In case you can't see in the photo the left half of the flag is white and the right half is red and it has a confederate flag in the top left hand corner (canton).

2. What is being drilled by the pump?
I don't see any oil or irrigation!

3. What are these strange green markers by the side of the road?
They appear every few miles, and very occassionally there is a double marker with the symbol facng the other way.

4. What does this big sign mean?

Now you should know I don't know the answers. For a couple of them I have a rough idea, and Verdell gave me a hint or two... but I maybe proved wrong.

Good news on the weather front: highs 20s c (mid 80s), clear blue sky, lots of sunshine, gentle breeze. And a lovely ihop visit for breakfast :) Not too many aches and pains from yesterday.


  1. 1. The flag is the Third Confederate Flag.

    2. I think it is an oil drill. I read about a couple drilling companies in Casper. Looks abandoned though!

    3. These signs are for military vehicles with martial law.

    4. These signs are roadside memorials. The state of Wyoming puts them there to avoid mourners doing it and putting themselves in danger.

  2. Bri, I think we might need you to confirm, but Pam's answers to 1, 2 and 4 look pretty good. Not sure about 3 - that website looks a bit heavy on the New World Order stuff. Are they signs for lay-bys?

  3. Al, Brian pointed out to me that the website I referenced for number 3 was a load of rubbish!! Oops! :)