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Tuesday 5 April 2011

Cooking with Nail Polish Remover

I'm doing a bit of a test today, so if you are short of time I wouldn't recommend reading this post - sometimes you have to cut corners. So this morning an exciting package arrived in the post, my mini trangia (see picture attached). This is going to be my cooker! I'm planning probably to eat most of the time in gas stations, supermarkets and maybe some 'all you can eat' restaurants. But I'm also looking forward to some nights in the wilderness with my stove, boiling some pasta, maybe some chili and the frying some sausages in the morning :)

As you can see from the photo cooking options are limited, it comes with one small pan for boiling and a very small frying pan. You can get just over half a litre in the pan, and a couple of sausages in the frying pan! The stove works by burning alcohol or methylated spirits as its called in the UK (the purple stuff). So this evening I was convinced I wanted to try it out by boiling our green beans for dinner. After two petrol stations and two supermarkets I reached a dead end, and so desperately started searching for an alternative - my genius plan of using nail polish remover. Now let it be said nail polish remover does burn, indeed it burns quite hot and boiled the water more quickly than I had seen with meths. However its a messy flame and does not burn cleanly (see marks on pan). By the time I'd located the nail polish remover Pam had resorted to using the cooker!!

I'll let you know how I get on in the wilderness :) The other reason for this post is to test blogging via email. I'm only taking my phone with me on the trip and so I want to be able to post via email rather than having to negotiate web pages on a small screen. So if your reading this we will know if it works or not! One last note on sponsorship, I've crossed the £500 mark, its a long way to £2000, but I am making steady progress, even if I have to pester a lot of friends on the way.

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