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Saturday 5 March 2011

Plans and Preparations - My First Post!

It's now early March and I have passed the point of no return. My last day at work is scheduled for March 31st 2011, and on the 9th May I will fly to Seattle from London Heathrow via Chicago.

This gives me over 2 months to prepare, plenty of time you may well think. What I failed to mention is that during this time I am trying to find a new job ("sorry I can't attend the interview I'm in Wyoming"), that I am actually getting married a week after I finish the ride and in addition to all this I am trying to sell my house. these three factors are no easy balancing act!

To be fair the all the big things for the wedding are arranged (venue, catering, dress, bride) and Pam is going to have 2 months of peace and quiet to do the finishing touches. Wedding Venue shown below!


(sorry just testing out putting photos in the blog!)

So I've scheduled the ride to last 70 days - with me arriving in Jacksonville, Florida on 21st July and then flying to Louisville, Kentucky where the wedding is on the 29th July. Pam and I fly back to the UK on the 3rd August from Dayton in Ohio after visiting her family for a few days. This means I am in the States for a whopping 87 days (my old work visa has now expired), which is 3 days below the maximum on the visa waiver!!

As for training - well I haven't done much yet. I'm in training for a half marathon which I'll be running next weekend, after that I'll switch to cycling but should be at a good place to start.

I'll leave it there for my first post I want write a bit about my planned route, the bike I have chosen and equipment I am taking but I think I'll let those have their own entries.

On a separate note I've just finished reading the blog of Ryan Andersen - which was great! Really impressed with his adventures and certainly worth a read Cycle Across America

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  1. I am so proud of you for taking this on! Can't wait to read all about your adventure! It is so impressive that you are doing this. :-)

  2. Fantastic trip! Soooo jealous, wish could join you. Guess you'll have a sore bottom by the end of it, ha ha! Hope the preparations go well, will be thinking about you mate.